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Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for general informational purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for professional pest control and/or legal advice. Omaha Homes For Cash is a local home buying company that can purchase your termite infested house without you having to do a thing.

How do i sell my house omaha with termites

If you are getting ready to sell your house, chances are you have a lot going on already. Finding out there are additional problems to deal with, such as termite damage, is probably the last thing you want to deal with. It can be extremely disheartening to learn of these issues, especially in the final hours of selling your house. That being said, they commonly do happen and it is important to know what you are up against when trying to selling your house with termite damage.

Does your house have visible termite damage, leaving you unable to fix it before selling? No worries! We buy houses in Omaha (even ones with termite damage) and make all the repairs so you don’t have to! Lets take a look at what exactly you may be up against when sell your house in Omaha with termite damage.

sell my house with termites omaha

Termites can be a huge problem for homeowners and often times can go unnoticed. If left untreated, the damage left behind by termites can be incredibly expensive and problematic, especially when trying to sell your house.

Termites are wood eating bugs that feast on the “bones” of your house. They can be a problem in any home, but are especially problematic in older homes where most, if not all, of the support structures are made of wood. There are many different types of termites, and the extent of the damage they can cause varies depending on what type you are dealing with.

Typically, termites begin to swarm as the weather warms, looking to start their new colony. Generally speaking, termites becomes less active or even dormant during winter months (depending on where you live) and then become much more active and destructive during warmer months.

Because termites feast primarily on wood, the damage caused by these tiny critters can cause major structural problems to your house. If the termite infestation goes unnoticed, they can do enough damage to quickly make a home unsafe to inhabit. Due to their destructive nature, selling your house with active termites or extensive termite damage can be extremely difficult.

If you are getting ready to sell your house on the open market and find out that you have an active termite infestation, the selling process just became a little more difficult and a probably quite a bit more expensive.

Termite inspections are a common piece of the inspection process and any signs of an infestation or damage will likely be discovered and need to be disclosed to potential buyers. This being said, all hope is not lost. Consider these steps:

sell my house with termites

Treat the Termites

This is an obvious first step, but is worth noting as it is likely necessary prior to listing your house on the market. Because termites are hard to see and the colony is often times very hard to fully uncover for the untrained professional, it is probably a good idea to have a termite professional come out to your house for treatment. Depending on where you live, the extent of the infestation, and the size of your house, prices on this can vary greatly.

Fix The Termite Damage to Your House

This is where things get tricky and potentially very pricey. Sure, you could do nothing and sell the house on the open market, however, selling a house with an active termite infestation and an unknown amount of damage is more than likely going to significantly decrease your buyer pool and selling price of your home. Depending on the extent of the damage, where you live, and size of your house, this can vary from hundreds of dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. It is more than likely the job for a trained professional.

Get a Warranty on The Work Done to Fix The Termite Damage

If you are selling your house and have suffered termite damage, treating and fixing the problem are the first and most important steps. Many professionals in the termite remediation space offer warranties on the work completed. Providing a warranty to potential buyers during the selling process shows that the infestation has been removed, the structural issues have been fixed, and the work is guaranteed for the duration of the warranty. This won’t necessarily ease the minds of all your potential buyers, but it will more than likely drastically increase your odds of selling your house faster and for more money.

This option is no doubt the easiest and fastest way to sell your house with an active termite infestation or extensive termite damage. Many cash home buying companies specialize in purchasing homes with active termite infestations and are equipped to handle all of the problems associated with termites.

This option more than likely won’t fetch you top dollar for your house, but it will allow you to sell your house fast without having to treat the termite infestation, fix any structural issues, or deal with wary buyers as you may encounter selling on the open market. Many people do not want to or are unable to deal with all the hassles and expenses of handling a termite problem before selling their house, so this may be a better option for many who find themselves dealing with termites.

Omaha Homes For Cash is a local home buying company in Omaha, Nebraska that specializes in buying houses as-is, for cash. We provide fast, easy home sales and are equipped to deal with all the problems that a termite infestation can cause. We can buy your Omaha house (even with the termites) and handle all of the work so you can simply walk away. If you are dealing with termites and want to sell your house in Omaha, fill in our form below and see how easy our selling process is.

Our process is 100% free and there is ZERO obligation to accept an offer from us. Even if you are unsure of which route you want to go, I encourage you to reach out for a free offer on your house. You have nothing to lose by doing so. We are experienced home buyers with the highest rating in the Omaha area.

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