How To Sell Your House Fast in Omaha

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How To Sell Your House Fast in Omaha, NE

Sell your house fast in the Omaha metro without all the BS. By removing the middle men (or women) we make selling your house in Omaha super easy and incredibly fast.

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By Paying Cash We Can Eliminate Banks, Agents, Appraisors, Etc.

Selling your Omaha home? We pay cash for your house so you can (if you choose to) avoid making repairs or cleaning the property, save money on realtor commissions and fees, and remove any financing contingencies from the bank.

Our home buying services are 100% Free and no obligation to accept our offer. You literally have nothing to lose.

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So now that you know the steps involved to selling your home quickly, lets look at what happens behind the scenes.

We want our contracts signed as much as you want your house sold. The only way that happens is 100% transparency and an offer for your house that works for all parties.  

Many homeowners know what price they need for their house in order to make a sale work, and that’s really the most important number to find out in order to determine whether selling your house to us is the right move.

We buy and sell homes in the Omaha area for a profit, and each home is different.  Some homes we will buy and do minimal repairs and then resell quickly.  Some houses we will buy and do extensive remodels and then resell.  Other properties we will do varying levels of repairs/remodels and keep long-term as rentals. 

Every property is different and our projected numbers on each one will largely drive what we decide to do.  But none of that is your worry, the only thing that matters is whether we can arrive at a purchase price that works for you!

If you know what price you need for the property in order to sell, that is the best starting point.  But even if you don’t have a number, we can still come up with our own cash offer amount.

  • We research the home address, neighborhood, comparable sales, etc. and come up with a value of what we think your house would be worth after we completed any necessary repairs and/or updates. This is called our “After Repair Value” (ARV).
  • We assess the current condition of your house and estimate the cost of those repairs and/or updates needed to get your property up to our ARV.
  • We subtract the estimated repair and/or update costs from our ARV of your property, as well as a small profit so that we are able to stay in business and continue buying houses.
  • If your number and our number work together, then so can we!  If not, there will be absolutely no pressure from us to sell for a price that you are not comfortable with.

You have a house you want to sell, but are unsure what a fair offer for your house would be.

Your neighbor has a house almost identical to your house. He recently updated his home with granite counter tops, new paint and carpet, and newly remodeled bathrooms. He sells his house for $200,000.

So, naturally you want to sell your home for $200,000. You can do that, but it’s possible you may need to make updates equally as great as your neighbors updates (granite counter tops, new paint and carpet, remodel the bathrooms). Let’s assume those repairs and updates will cost you $30,000.

Or you can sell your Omaha house fast, As-Is, without doing the repairs and updates, to us.

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That’s a good question with a simple answer. Lets dive into it…

We have determined that after all the repairs and updates, we think your house could sell for $200,000. This is called the “After Repair Value” (ARV).

To get the “As-Is” Value, we take our ARV and subtract our estimated cost of repairs and/or updates. For this example, you have our $200,000 ARV and $30,000 in estimate repairs and updates. So we then arrive at our “as-is” value of $170,000.

From here we would subtract a small profit to keep us in business, as well any costs to hold the property while the renovation takes place (taxes, utilities, etc). Let’s say all of this comes to $20,000.

This Means Your Cash Offer Would Be….

ARV – Repairs – Profit and Costs = Cash Offer


$200,000 – $30,000 – $20,000 =

Cash Offer of $150,000

Want To See What Your Numbers Look Like For Your House?

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Sell your house the hassle-free way! 100% Free and Zero Obligation! Fill out the form below or give us a call (402) 226-8963
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Another great question! Lets take a look at an example of selling your house fast for cash as described above vs. listing it on the market.

You have your property in the above example that is worth $170,000 as it sits and you have our cash offer in hand of $150,000. You can sell to us and not have to make any repairs, not have to clean the property, not have to contact a real estate agent, not have to pay a real estate agent commission, avoid open houses and multiple showings and we can guarantee that your house will sell. We can also close on the property when you want, not when the buyer or bank wants. Oh, and we will also pay all your closing costs.

You could also list it on the market and hope to get the full “as-is” value of the property ($170,000). With a property that needs repairs, buyers may have a hard time qualifying for certain types of loans, depending on the repairs needed. You also have the uncertainty of if the property will sell and how long it will take to sell. In addition, there is the average 30 days closing period (more like 45 days with the current state of our world).

You also must consider real estate commissions (which can be approximately 5-7% total). For this particular example you would be looking at somewhere around $8,500 – $11,900 in real esates commissions paid by you, which does not include any other closing costs you may be responsible for.

So your “as-is” sale on the market of $170,000 could potentially look more like $160,000 or less after fees, commissions, closings costs, etc if listed on the market.

We Will Do Everything We Can To Bring You The Best Offer Possible

If you are a homeowner in the Omaha Metro area that needs to sell their house fast, we are serious cash home buyers who want to buy your house. We are Omaha’s highest rated cash home buyers with more than 25 Google reviews. We believe strongly in doing good business with good people. We are 100% transparent in our entire process. If you have any questions just ask and we are more than happy to provide answers or explanation. Fill out the form and get your 100% FREE cash offer Started today!

Selling Your House Fast In The Omaha Area

We buy houses for cash in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas. We remove all the hassles of the home selling process by paying cash for your house. We pride ourselves in our transparency and integrity. We are Omaha’s highest ranked cash home buyers on Google with 50+ reviews. If you need to sell your house and don’t want to deal with the traditional hassles of listing your house on the market, fill in the form and let’s get started! It’s 100% free so there is nothing to lose.

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