Selling an Inherited Omaha House Full of Stuff?

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Do You Own A Messy House and Not Sure What To Do?

Have you recently inherited a trashed house in Omaha from a loved one and now you find yourself buried in a mess? The passing of a loved one can be an extremely emotional and trying time. If there is one thing we have learned, it’s that inheriting a house isn’t necessarily always a good thing.

We have been buying houses in Omaha, Nebraska for a long time and we’ve encountered this situation too many times to count. The passing of a family member is never easy and it alone is plenty to worry about. But now that they have passed, you may find yourself in the middle of sorting out all of their assets. And those assets aren’t always in top top shape, ready to be sold off and divided amongst the family.

sell inherited house omaha

If you inherited a trashed house and are cleaning and sorting through a house FULL of stuff (belongings, trash, furniture, clothes, books, raccoons, etc.), take a minute to consider your options. You do not have to sort through the house and clean out all it’s contents before selling the property. There are ways to sell the house, full of stuff, without doing any of the cleaning. And getting an offer is free!

If you have inherited a trashed house and want to sell it, there are a few things to consider before deciding how you are going to go about doing so. For example, whether or not the house you inherited has a mortgage can often times determine how fast you need to sell the house. Lets take a look:

The House I Inherited Has A Mortgage

If the house you have inherited has a mortgage you may be responsible for the mortgage payments. If the house is full of belongings and trash, you have a few options. You can sort through the belongings, clean it out, and rent it or sell it. Maybe you are planning on moving into the property and taking over the mortgage? If so, it may be of interest to clean the property as fast as possible to avoid paying mortgages (or rent) on two properties. You could also consider hiring a company to clean the entire property for you. If you are not planning on any of these scenarios, you may need to consider selling the property to a company that specializes in buying houses that are not quite ready to be sold on the open market. This route could not only save you the hassle of cleaning out the property, but also from potentially being responsible for the mortgage payments.

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The House I Inherited Does Not Have a Mortgage

If you inherited a property in Omaha that is paid off and has no debt associated with it, even better. Without having to worry about keeping the mortgage payments current, you may have a little more time to determine what to do with the property. It may be a good idea, however, to get the property occupied sooner rather than later to avoid the potential problems that can accompany a vacant home such as vandalism, rodents and pests, or even squatters! Just because the house if free and clear does not mean that you should leave it unkempt. It’s best to address the property as soon as it becomes your responsibility.

If you have inherited a house full of belongings and do not have the time or desire to sort through it all on your own, there are a few options you may consider.

You Could Hold an Estate Sale

You could consider hiring a vendor to run an estate sale. This is a good option as the hired vendor with go through all of the items and assign a value to each one. Two things to consider with hiring a company to do an estate sale. One, the items in the home must be of some value. Two, the vendor will take a portion of the proceeds for doing the sale.

You Could Throw Everything Away

This is probably the quickest of your options, short of selling the house to a cash buyer full of stuff. If you prefer not to spend the time and effort cleaning out the home yourself, there are companies you can hire that will come in and completely empty the house of it’s belongings.

You will likely need to purchase a dumpster and have it available on the property, which could run you a few hundred dollars. You will also need to pay the company for the cleanout. This may be a solid option if the house is full of worthless belongings and trash.

inherited a messy house in omaha

You Could Clean Out The House Yourself and Hold an Estate Sale

This will likely require some work on your end as no company is going to be able to determine what you consider trash vs. valuables. You could clean out all of the trash and unwanted items yourself and then hire an estate sale vendor to assign value to items and hold an estate sale. This strategy may work best if there is a good mixture of wanted and unwanted items. It is important to consider, however, that you will need to do the cleaning yourself as well as forfeit a portion of the estate sale proceeds to the vendor.

If you’re contemplating fixing the place up or selling the house, you need to determine the best route is for you and your family. It’s important to be honest with yourself in regards to being up to the task. Depending on the extent of the project, you may be in for months of cleaning, repairs, and renovations. This will take not only time, but likely a fairy significant financial obligation.

Flipping a House Can Be Very Challenging

If you are up for the challenge, you are likely to get a better price for the house when selling it on the market as you will be completing the work yourself.

If you have the time, financial resources, and desire to take on a big project, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

If you’re worried you may not be up for the task, financial commitment, or if you lack experience with flipping houses, you may want to consider selling it.

Omaha House Flippers
Flipping a house yourself can be very challenging mentally, physically, and financially.

For some, a new property is a blessing. It can be a new place to call home. For others, an additional house is an added burden that becomes the responsibility of the new owner. If the house is a mess and needs cleaned out or fixed up it complicates things even more. Digging through used wrappers, junk, random items, furniture, and clutter may not be a way you want to spend your evenings and weekends.

If you are not up for such a large undertaking, there are actually professional cash home buyers in Omaha who specialize in this exact situation. Many of theses companies purchases messy, hoarder houses all of the time. In fact, Omaha Homes For Cash has bought numerous houses in Omaha this year that fit this description.

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