If you’re trying to sell your house fast in Elkhorn, request an offer today.

Hi, we’re Omaha Homes For Cash, a local homebuyer company here in Nebraska. We’re home investors who pay cash houses in any condition, in as quickly as a week or two. We buy houses anywhere in Elkhorn, so if you’re trying to sell as quickly as possible, you can request an offer from us today.

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When you sell to us, the process is really simple. We’ll do a quick walkthrough of your home or property to write up an estimate, and then make you a cash offer usually within 24 hours (or less) from the time you reach out to us.

You’ll be able to sell your home in any condition, without having to make expensive repairs. And best of all, you don’t need to wait months for the buyer, because we’ll buy your home (in cash) on your timeline – so you set the closing date.

There are no fees, no commissions to pay, and we’ll pay closing costs and help with the closing paperwork with the bank.

How fast can you make an offer?

We’ll make an offer in 24 hours. Sometimes we can do it faster, depending on the situation. Once you fill out a form or call us, we’ll schedule a time to come out and meet you, learn more about your situation and goals, and get an estimate for the property. This lets us know how much we can buy your property for. Because we’re house buyers, and not real estate agents, we’re able to move much faster.

How much will you pay for my home?

Typically our offer depends on how much your Elkhorn property is worth. It depends on which neighborhood you’re in, and what the current market value is, plus the repairs we’ll have to make. Bottom line, it really depends on your situation, but rest assured that there’s never any pressure to take our offer. You can think it over and make sure it’s right for you.

How fast can you buy my home?

We can buy your home in 7 days. We can also buy it on a slower timeline, if that’s what you need. For example, we’ve had homeowners we’ve purchased from in the past who needed up to 1 year, so they had a place to live in their home, get things together, etc. We were able to structure a deal to buy 1 year from then. So it really just depends on your goal or timeline. Obviously most people working with us are looking for a faster timeline.

Do I need to do anything to get ready to sell?

No, you don’t need to make any repairs. Even if your home is really run down, or has all kinds of issues, we’re still interested in buying it. We’ll simply factor this into our estimate, pay you cash, and take care of everything. In fact you don’t even need to move everything out of the house if you don’t want, we’ll take care of whatever you leave behind.

Work with cash home buyers who will do right by you.

Lots of companies buy homes quickly here in Elkhorn, but not all as service-oriented as us. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we strive for a win-win deal with you. We want you to walk away happy with your goals met.

That means that even if we’re not the best fit for you or our offer isn’t a good fit, you can walk away no problem. In the end, we want every homeowner we work with to feel like they got a good deal, and enjoyed the process.

We run an ethical business, which means:

  • We only do “win-win” deals that are in the seller’s best interest.
  • We don’t change the offer last minute. What we offer is what we pay.
  • We can provide testimonials or referrals if you’d like (or check our reviews on this site or Google).
  • We’ll never pressure you, rush you, or make you feel obligated to take our offer.

What kinds of situations can you work with?

The answer is, “yes!”. We pay cash for homes in Elkhorn from any homeowner that needs to sell as quickly as possible…

  • Anyone trying to avoid foreclosure
  • Relocating to a new job or city
  • Selling an inherited property that you don’t want the hassle of repairing or listing
  • Don’t have money, time, or desire to make repairs it needs
  • Looking for a short sale
  • A renter or landlord looking to step away from a burdensome property
  • Property in probate

That said, if you need someone to buy your house fast, get in touch with us directly or fill out the form to request an offer!

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Fill out the form or call us.

Step 2 – We’ll contact you right away, setup a time to view your property, and make an offer.

Step 3 – You decide if you want to take the offer. If you do, choose a closing date, and we’ll take care of almost everything.

Need more information? Learn more about how the process works here.

Should I just work with an Elkhorn Realtor?

It really just depends on your situation. The best answer we can give is, “it depends.” If you have time and money to make repairs to your home, show it on the market, wait for the right buyer, then a Realtor is a great option!

If you don’t, and you need to sell your house fast, we can buy your home in 1 week, pay cash, you don’t have to make any repairs or fixes, and you can just walk away.

We work with homeowners anywhere in Nebraska.

We buy cash homes throughout Nebraska, not just Elkhorn. Browse our services areas to learn more.