Why You Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home in Omaha

At some point or another, most of us will go through the process of buying or selling a home. There’s no doubt that this process can be stressful. That’s often why would-be sellers seek out help when it comes time to list their homes on the real estate market.

You might think that if you sell your house with help from an agent, you’ll be guaranteed to field higher offers from more prospective buyers. But that conventional wisdom doesn’t necessarily hold water. In fact, you may actually be setting yourself up for financial disappointment (or might make an existing situation worse) if you work with an agent.

Real estate agents can certainly be a good source of information. And if you plan on buying a new home around the same time, working with an agent can be a wise choice. That’s especially true if you have time to spare. But if you need to sell your house fast due to financial strain or major life changes, working with an agent may be to your detriment. What’s more, it isn’t even necessary to sell your house with help from an agent. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you may want to forgo working with an agent when it comes time to sell your house in Omaha.

Conventional Home Sales Take Too Long

What many homeowners fail to realize is that selling a home in the traditional way can take an excessively long time. Although some conventional sales can take place within four to seven weeks, other homes might take several months to sell. And the longer a home stays on the market, the lower the final selling price will often be. Keep in mind that even getting your home ready to list can take quite a while, as you’ll need to get your house ready for listing photos and open houses.

Conversely, working with cash home buyers can speed up the process significantly. You can easily close your home sale within one to three weeks when you work with a home investor. This will allow you to close this chapter and move onto the next without delay.

Paying a Commission is Unnecessary

If you’re struggling financially, you may be looking to sell your home to mitigate some of that stress and provide you with some economic relief. However, you need to remember that when you sell your home in a traditional manner, the final offer you’ll receive for your home doesn’t represent how much you’ll have in your pocket in the end. An issue that many home sellers overlook is the commission amount their agent is due.

Depending on the value of your current home, your agent could earn thousands of dollars in commission once your home sells. While that isn’t to say that real estate agents don’t work hard to get results for their clients, that work isn’t always necessary. You may also want to consider that an agent may not always have incentive to convince sellers to hold out for a slightly higher offer. When the difference in an agent’s commission is only a few hundred dollars, they may urge their clients to take a lower offer so that they can move on to another sale.

However, working directly with a home buyer can cut out the need for a middle man (and the commission they take). Instead, home investors will extend a fair, all-cash offer for your property — and you’ll be entitled to that full amount. You can then use the money from this sale to pay off your mortgage or other debts, to relocate to a new area, or to get a fresh start in life.

You Shouldn’t Have to Make Repairs Before Moving

When you’ve lived in a home for any length of time, it’s easy to forget about its problems. You might have learned to scuffed up flooring and leaky faucets, but those could scare off a buyer. Even something like subpar landscaping can be a detriment when you’re looking to sell your home.

As such, home sellers are expected to make repairs and upgrades before listing their properties on the market. Even if certain projects come with an impressive ROI, this can feel like a complete waste. After all, you won’t be staying in your home to enjoy those fixes yourself. And if you’re enduring financial hardship, coming up with the funds to make those changes can be a huge challenge. But if you fail to do so, your home could sit on the market for months or you might receive only insulting offers.

Fortunately, making repairs and upgrades before selling isn’t actually necessary. When you sell your house to home investors, you won’t be required to make any kind of fixes before closing. That means your sale won’t be delayed or be contingent upon expensive upgrades, allowing you to move forward with your life — regardless of the state of your home.

Home Investors Can Make the Process Painless

When you work with cash house buyers, you’ll have a direct connection that will speed up the selling process and relieve substantial stress. For more information on how to sell your home in Omaha for a fast and fair offer, submit a brief application or contact us today!

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